Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Boulevard Dark Truth Stout

Type: Imperial Stout
Origin: Kansas City, MO
Price: $3.75/12oz
ABV: 9.7%
NSP: 9.18

Nice sunny day here in San Diego, and I was about to crack into one of my BDS Duponts.  But then the clouds rolled in, accompanied by a bit of a chill, so fuck it, imperial stout time.  This is the last of the unreviewed year-round Boulevard Smokestack beers.  I really want to like Boulevard, but so far that desire hasn't borne fruit.

It smells pretty delicious, plenty of coffee, chocolate, and caramel.  There's also a little bit of rootbeeriness, and something that almost smells like dark rum.  I see on the website that this is Belgian-yeasted, and there's definitely some quad-like dark fruitiness floating around too.  A lot going on in there, and I dig it.

The coffee flavors are pretty strong in the flavor initially, but it's almost immediately swamped by a potent bitterness.  It's not hoppy bitterness at's more like super strong two-day-old coffee.  There's also some pretty powerful booze-carried astringency, as well as a metallic flavor.  And unfortunately, when you put all of that together, it completely swamps all everything I was hoping for after smelling it.  I can't find much fruitiness from the yeast, and whatever chocolate and toffee stouty flavors might be in there are concealed by this overwhelming mouth-coating metallic bitterness- and thus so too is the enjoyment of the beer.

Dammit, Boulevard.  It's hard for me to understand how the smell of a beer can be so inviting, while the flavor can be such a letdown.  While I'm glad that a non-local brewery has the stones to try and break into the San Diego craft beer market (as Boulevard has done in the past few months), as far as imperial stouts are concerned, there's no reason to buy this when Speedway's waiting just a couple of feet away on the shelf.

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