Friday, February 15, 2013

Gigantic IPA

Type: IPA
Origin: Portland
Price: $6.99/22oz
ABV: 7.3%
NSP: 6.79

Shit, I just realized I'm on another fucking Beer Plow.  Since I've divided my trip between Olympia and Portland, it snuck past me.  I told myself I'd take it easy while I was up here.  I guess Hop Venom lit a fire under my ass, though, because here I am on my sixth review in four days.  I guess it was wearing me down a bit because I forgot to take a picture, so credit to The Brew Site for this one.

This is my last beer from Gravity, which proved to be an outstanding beer outpost.  Gigantic just opened in May; Roma at Gravity told me that it was a new brewery by somebody who I hadn't heard of, but who is apparently a bigwig of Pacific Northwest brewing.  As Christian Bale says, good for you.

Unfortunately, I decided to open this right after I'd chopped up an onion, so the beer smells like onion.  But hey, that's not necessarily a bad accent smell to an IPA, particularly if there's Summit hops in there.  Which is not the case with this beer as far as I can tell, so it's not really relevant.  Suffice to say that it smells like onions, but that's my fault and not the beer's.  There's some decent citrus in there, and a touch of sweet maltiness.  There's also a somewhat sharp bitterness that tells me that this probably isn't going to be a Hop Venom-level IPA.

The flavor's not far off from being in the upper echelon, with some nice citrus and a light drinkability.  The malt flavors don't disrupt things at all, providing necessary but not intrusive body.  But there's a fatal flaw- the bitterness is too strong and dirty.

These guys aren't too far off the mark, I think.  The foundation of this beer is pretty much exactly what you need to have a world-class IPA.  But they haven't quite figured out the hops yet.  The dirtiness, in particular, is too much to ignore.  With a bit more time, they could elevate this and have a heavy-hitter in the Portland IPA market.

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