Thursday, February 28, 2013

Maui CoCoNut PorTer

type: porter
origin: Lahaina, HI
price: $10/4-pack
ABV: 6.0%
NSP: 8.5

I'm so glad I dove into Maui's beer lineup on my recent trip to Oahu, because this is one of the first porters I've enjoyed immensely in a really long time.  As with Mana, the amount of additive (in this case toasted coconut) is spot-on perfect.  The pairing between nutty, roasted-barley flavors commonly found in porters, and the toasted coconut is exceptional.  The porter backbone is not too heavy so you can manage to slug back quite a bit of this.

I realize it's hard to justify buying four-packs of beer, but I think this is too good to pass up.  After my first sip I wondered: Why isn't every porter isn't made this way?  Because then I might actually like porters and beer-lord knows we can't have that...

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