Monday, February 11, 2013

Pelican India Pelican Ale

Type: IPA
Origin: Pacific City, OR
Price: $5.99/22oz
ABV: 7.5%
NSP: 8.14

Apparently the folks at Pelican Pub & Brewery can't get enough pelicans, because calling this a straight IPA wasn't good enough- they had to pun that bitch up.  This place is on the sort-of-BFE coast of Oregon- but you can go through Tillamook to get there and pick up some delicious cheese on the way so it's probably worth a visit.

Anyway, IPA, with an ABV on the high end of the IPA range, up there with thumpers like Union Jack and Knee Deep.  Smells pretty delightful, lightly malty with a nice apricoty-apple thing.  There's a boozy licorice scent in there if you really bury your nose in the glass, a bit like Jagermeister in beer form.  There's also a bit of astringency, probably a result of the alcohol.

There's some licorice in there flavor-wise too.  Usually that's something you run into in a strong ale, not an IPA.  But that doesn't make it off-putting, just unique (and tasty if you like licorice), because it's an accent and not a dominant flavor.  My palate might be blown, but I think I also taste a sour cherry/raspberry something or other.  Add to these unique flavors (which may or may not be figments of my imagination) some nice light body and a good bitterness level, and we're on track for something really interesting.  It's a bit on the sweet side, but I keep getting the cherry/raspberry thing, which puts a sightly tart twist on what I'd ordinarily might think is cloying.

I can't really figure this beer out.  It's an IPA at heart, and a tasty one at that, but it's got several levels of unique flavors that I've never encountered in an IPA, so I have no idea what's going on.  I should probably just drink it slightly more clean-palated so I can trust my judgment.  But I think I'm still able to confidently say that it's good.  Quite good.  And who knows, maybe pelicans actually taste like licorice and raspberries and booze, in which case I'm going to throw one on my smoker and do it up low and slow.

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