Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Terminal Gravity IPA

Type: IPA
Origin: Enterprise, OR
Price: $1.79/12oz
ABV: 6.9%
NSP: 13.68

Another pickup from Gravity Beer Market in Olympia (though not on Roma's recommendation).  You know what I've noticed about a lot of Pacific Northwest beers?  Their bottle labels can be really cartoony, like they were put together with ClipArt.  I bought this one specifically because it broke that mold.  Shows the power of packaging, I suppose.

Maybe I'm becoming more observant (or more picky) in my beer-drinking dotage, but at this point I think it says something when my first thought upon pouring a beer is that it looks overcarbonated.  It might be a completely inaccurate impression, but I don't recall having the density of bubbles rising through the beer stand out to me this much in an IPA.  Smell-wise- an amplified pilsner.  Nothing in terms of floral or citrus hoppiness.  Just a bunch of pilsnery funk with a fair bit of sweetness.

Hmm.  I probably should've gone with a cartoony one.  If this was marketed as some sort of genre-crossing amber pilsner, maybe it wouldn't be a so much of a disappointment.  As an IPA, it's a half a step above shit.  The hops in an IPA should never come across as pilsner funk on steroids, marinated in dirt.  And then add some fairly mouth-coating sweetness.  Oh yeah, it's indeed overcarbonated as well.  I try not to judge a brewery's portfolio based on a single beer, but as far as this beer goes, it's certainly at terminal gravity, but the chute ain't opening.


  1. Wow I couldn't disagree with you must have had a bad bottle, or something else is wrong.