Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Bells Hopslam

Type: Double IPA/ Imperial IPA
Origin: Comstock, MI
Price: ?
ABV: 10%

Finally, I am back from my review hiatus (I just completed my Ph.D. and got married in the same week). I have a bunch up in the queue, so now Chris won't have to do many. I figure this is a good beer to start back up on. My pops just sent me two of these and two Goose Island Bourbon County Stouts in the mail, which was a nice little surprise for a Monday afternoon. Apparently he happened upon multiple 6 packs, bought them, and then looked it up on beer advocate to find that "it is a pretty good beer". Onto the review...

This is damn good. Really damn good. Double IPAs have become my go to beers in the last year or so. I have been lucky to have gotten my hands on Heady Topper and Dreadnaught in addition to many fine California DIPAs (Pure Hoppiness, Pliny the Elder, Hoptologist to name a few), and Hopslam definitely has a place amongst them, although doesn't reach the level of Pure, Heady or Dreadnaught in terms of pure hop pungency. This could be due to their self classification of "Ale brewed with Honey", which lends it a slightly sweeter, but still fairly light finish. This is probably the secret to upping the booze without overly malting the beer (which others probably use candy sugar to achieve the same effect). On the nose, you pick up faint pineapple notes along with other light citrus flavors, although nothing like Kern River's IPA or Exponential Hoppiness. While this is also very boozy, it hides it incredibly well. I keep having to remind myself it is 10% since it feels closer to 7%.

On an advertising note, I must commend Bell's for matching the cap to the label. It will be nice to have a cap of a dude being smothered to death by a radioactive hop cone in my future bottlecap table. If only the crazy Hoptologist dude was using his hophead to smother the other guy. Perhaps a collaboration beer between Bells and Knee Deep is in the future?

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