Monday, March 4, 2013

Cascade Kriek

Type: Kriek
Origin: Portland, OR
Price: Free
ABV: 7.62%
NSP: To infinity and beyond

I guess I'm on a very brief sour kick.  Or, more accurately, Alex and Deb were on a sour kick.  And again I'm drinking his left-in-the-lurch beer.  I'm pretty sure Sambo visited Cascade recently, and I recall him thinking it was impressive, so I have high hopes for this one.  

This smells really terrific.  Not all that unlike the Hanssens lambic, sour and dark-fruity- though, as it should, the cherry really stands out, giving it a nice rich depth. It's also appealingly winy- I guess based on very few data points that wininess is a characteristic I enjoy in my sours.  There's negligible bretty funk.

Yum.  The flavor is pretty much identical to the nose- nice and tart with a whole bunch of cherry.  No brett funk whatsoever.  Extremely clean, just as the Hanssens was.

This seems to me to be a straight-forward but excellently-crafted kriek.  It's sour without being mouth-puckering, and fruity without making you feel like you're drinking maraschino juice.  I'd drink this again without a second thought.  Oh, and if there's a better aperitif beer, I haven't found it- it'll turn hungry to ravenous within about two minutes.

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  1. For a simple aperitif beer, I do a Berliner Weisse w/ a "dose" or "shot" of raspberry syrup. I make that by bringing a cup of sugar and water to a boil, adding 2 containers of fresh or two bags of frozen raspberries, bringing the mixture to the boil again, off heat, strain and store refrigerated.