Friday, March 15, 2013

Coronado/Maui Hibiscus IPA

Type: IPA (sort of)
Origin: San Diego, CA/Lahaina, HI
Price: $4.30/22oz
ABV: 4.9% (apparently it's a 
sort-of session IPA)
NSP: 7.41
website (couldn't find a beer-specific site)

Bought this more or less on a whim- it sounded weird, but it was relatively cheap, so what the hell.  I tend to absolutely despise flowery flavors in my food/drink- unless it's tea and that's the intent, and even then I'm not fully on board with it.  Rose water, for example, completely ruins anything it touches, in my opinion.  So I was expecting to hate every damn sip of this.

It's really dark.  Is hibiscus used as a dye?  It looks like cream soda, but it smells like tea.  Sounds kind of gross, but it was actually appealing, unexpectedly.

The hop bitterness is pretty light.  It tastes like tea steeped with beer instead of water.  Or beer soaked in your grandmother's potpourri.  Thankfully the flavor is light enough that it's not overpowering- because if it was, the whole bottle would have gone right into the sink drain.  There's a bit of acidity in there that lightens everything up as well, so the color ends up a bit misleading.

I guess I'm surprised because I didn't hate this.  While it feels pretty gimmicky (I'd be surprised if anyone has repeated buying it), I suppose I understand their intent of playing with new, unexpected flavors in beer.  It's definitely not my favorite, but I don't regret buying it.  So, umm...kudos, maybe?  I dunno.

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