Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Drakes Denogginizer

type: Imperial IPA
origin: San Leandro, CA
price: $7/12oz
ABV: 9.75%
NSP: 5.9

On a trip to perhaps my favorite Cambridge alehouse to celebrate completion of certain programmatic formalities for a friend of mine, I called for one of these meaty beverages. The malt was fairly serious in here, and the hops were as well, with a solid green fragrance hovering over the glass. The head was light on the pour, in foreboding of the effect on my own head after a couple of good swallows and a long day of work with skipped lunch. 

While brewed in CA, this beer still did a good job of taking the chill off after walking in out of the snow, and it also reminded me of the sunshine and warm weather so many 1000's of miles west that evening. I'm starting to think I need a sun lamp.

PS. Chris ID'd this brewery by the origin alone. What a beererer.

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