Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Logsdon Peche 'n Brett

Type: Saison/Farmhouse Ale
Origin: Hood River, OR
Price: $23.25/750mL
ABV: 10%
NSP: 3.23

Just as I give credit Dogfish Head for getting me into IPA, I credit Logsdon with making me appreciate brett/sour beers initially with their amazing Seizoen Bretta.  And Seizoen Bretta with peaches?  Hell yes.  Even though the price is on the edge of ridiculous.

The brett is pretty much exactly where it was with the bottle of Seizoen Bretta I reviewed- adding tartness but not a lot of funk (unlike another bottle of Bretta I had that was funky as hell).  The peaches are pretty potent up front in the nose, but seem to fade away as the beer sits in the glass...after a while, it smells like nice little sour with just a slight peach accent.

It's as delicious as I'd hoped...almost.  Nice and tart, but not to the extent of a full-blown sour.  The brett adds a bunch of nice complexity (a bit of funk, a bit of barnyardiness) without going off the deep end of spoiled.  The peaches are a delightful accent, but I wished they were a bit more potent (hence the "almost" above); maybe as it sits the peach flavor amplifies?  Who knows, it's too expensive to buy a second for cellaring.  So in the end, it's really good.  Maybe not quite worth twice the cost of Bretta, but still really good.  Now I've just got to get my hands on some Cerasus.

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