Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Lost Abbey: Mo bretta

type: Belgian Blond?
origin: San Marcos, CA
price: $9.99/12.7oz
ABV: ?%
NSP: ?

I was expecting something at least a little sour with the Mo Betta Bretta, but this beer was not the least bit sour. Considering that the yeasts in here are supposed to be entirely acidogenic brettanomyces which produce copious amounts of acetic acid (i.e. vinegar) when consuming glucose, it's really weird that there was zero sour flavor. The Petrus Oak Aged Pale is probably the sourest beer I've ever had, and it wasn't even entirely brett, so I would guess that maybe TLA got a skunk batch of brett which was actually some other strain accidentally. Is it possible to make brett metabolize without any acetic acid, or maybe that the brewer grabbed the wrong flagon of yeasteys? 

It would be awesome if someone did some microscopy off a yeast sample from the bottom of the bottle to figure out what was actually in here, but I did not have that machinery available. Maybe that means I need to make friends with some more of the biotech type kids around here? It would be pretty cool to get a bit more technical and report real measured data on our sampled brews in addition to our anecdotal shenanigans.

Either way, I call full bullshit for false labeling, but at least it was a tasty beer.

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  1. http://www.brettanomycesproject.com/dissertation/
    might help with explanation of lack of acetic acid