Monday, March 25, 2013

Stone: 6 7 8 vertical

type: Vertical
origin: Stone, San Diego
price: $free/4oz
NSP: infinity

On a recent visit to Lord Hobo, Russ there was kind enough to drop off a run of these three beers after we chatted about some others on their menu for a bit. I had always thought the Stone verticals were the same beer brewed year to year, but it turns out they're a different brew every year.

The 6 was a milky yet slightly bitter stout, probably due to a solid hop bomb in the boil. The 7 tasted almost winey, with strong hops and a slight sour bend to it, and maybe even some sort of red fruit on the back (raspberries?). I wasn't super impressed by the 8, which tasted like any typical golden belgian style. Overall though, the offering was quite generous and I had a blast sampling these three.

I also heard stories of the Cantillon beers based on my fondness of sours, and the Zwanze day beer fest which Hobo apparently has participated in before. Hopefully I can catch the next one! Backed by the Yamandu Costa tunes, the cost, and the above friendly conversation, I will have to give the Stone Vertical extra points for the propensity to generate good conversation. ;-)

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