Monday, April 8, 2013

Anchorage Love Buzz

Type: Saison/Farmhouse ale (w/ brett)
Origin: Anchorage, AK
Price: Don't quite remember, but it in the ballpark of $15.99/750mL
ABV: 8.0%
NSP: 3.75

Way back when I had my first Seizoen Bretta, reader Jeff suggested I try this one as a paragon of the brett saison style.  I've had this sitting in my fridge for four or five months, and I thought a random Tuesday in February would be the best time to drink it.

The nose on this thing is really remarkable.  There's brett, both in tart and funky form, in nearly equal portions, though I give the edge to the tartness.  The beer's aged in pinot noir barrels, which shows up slightly in the color (a bit of a reddish tinge), but also as a nice winy depth in the smell.  I also detect a touch of pineapple scent....citrus makes sense because there's orange peel included in the brewing process.  It's also pretty floral (the bottle says there's rose hips in there), and...OK, fuck smelling it, it's too inviting to not dive in.

Hey Jeff- excellent call.  This is outstanding.  The brett's a bit more funky in the flavor than on the nose, but it's not that overwhelming garbage/manure funk.  It's just the right amount of accent.  Otherwise, the beer's nice and tart and refreshing.  There's a very light touch of bitterness (it's Citra dry-hopped), and after a bit I get a bit of the pepper with which it's brewed.  Yeah, pinot noir, orange peel, rose hips, peppercorns, and Citra dry hopping- that's a lot of shit for one beer.  But it's crafted expertly enough that you can pick out each accent, while they also come together in a delicious balance.

I'd put this up there with Seizoen Bretta at the top of the brett saison category.  My only complaint is that it's so drinkable that you can fire down a whole bottle before you remember that it's really damn expensive.

P.S. Hey Anchorage- the story on the back of your bottles is approaching Stone in terms of pretentiousness.  Cut that shit, please.

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