Saturday, April 6, 2013

Baird The Carpenter's Mikan Ale

Type: fruit ale?
Origin: Nihon
Price ?
ABV 6%

The boys bought me 4 Baird brews for my bday back in December since I loved the brewery when I was in Japan a while back. I don't review much these days because I mostly drink homebrew and repeats, to be honest. Most the new stuff I consume is from good 'ole Regal Beagle.

This beer is different. Mild malt smell, but not much else. It has interesting acidity, must be from the fruit. It's well balanced, with bitterness in the back. Perfect carbonation. A bit of an alcohol burn. In the end, it's just not that exciting. I guess since I don't know what Mikan smells or tastes like... I would bet this tastes better fresh from the tap.

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