Friday, April 19, 2013

Brasserie Dupont La Biere de Beloeil

Type: Belgian Strong Pale/Amber Ale
Origin: Tourpes, Belgium
Price: $12.49/750mL
ABV: 8.5%
NSP: 5.10

Now that's how you fill a giant Karmeliet tulip.  Turns out this glass is optimally scaled for full 750 consumption- you can put the whole bottle in there, minus the last centimeter or so, which is perfect for Belgians because you'd throw that part out anyway unless you like your flatulence to smell like grim death.

Anyway, back to the BDS.  This one doesn't fall in the saison category- the website just calls it an amber.  It's named after the town and chateau a few miles away from the brewery.  I live pretty near Ballast Point's Bay Park outpost, but I don't hear them naming any of their beers after Chateau Chris, goddamn it.

Smell-wise- yeah, it's definitely an amber ale.  It's pretty fruity, but in this case it seems to come more from the malt than the yeast- more's the pity, because Dupont's yeast is is responsible for some of the best beer aromas on Earth.  But that's not to say that it doesn't smell inviting- the malt and yeast combine to form an interesting and very distinct red apple scent.

As you'd expect from the color and the style, it's way more malt-heavy than Dupont's saison fare.  The carb level is pretty high, which in this case is a good thing because it lightens up the malt without being prickly.  Still, though, after a 750 of this I'm going to be pretty full, at least until I vent-belch.  It's quite fruity, maintaining the appleness all the way along.  There's a touch of yeasty funk, which is a nice counterpoint without which the beer would be pretty one-note.  And it's not musty- when you're talking about a brewery of this caliber, there's little chance it'd be otherwise.  But above all, it tastes like an amber ale- a good one, made with delicious yeast and very good balance- but still an amber ale.

Not my favorite Dupont, but that's a tough race in which to take the lead at this point, plus the fact that this is an amber makes it akin to getting hit with a banana peel in Mario Kart.  If you like amber ales, then by all means give this one a shot because as far as ambers go it's top-notch.  But for me, Biere de Miel will be my pick every time.  Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to go burp for 15 minutes straight.

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