Monday, April 1, 2013

Clown Shoes Muffin Top

Type: Tripel IPA
Origin: Ipswich, MA
Price: $8.97/22oz
ABV: 10.0%
NSP: 7.27

Another brewery that's starting to break into the SoCal market.  I've heard of these guys before, but I can't recall where or when; they stuck in my mind not only because I'd heard they make pretty good beer, but obviously also due to their fairly ridiculous company name.  The label on this one's pretty funny, depicting a couple of obese folks (hence Muffin Top) walking on a beach toward a pair of clown shoes.  The beer's name brings to mind both FUPAs and this.

It smells funkily sweet (almost bretty), with a good hoppy punch.  It's fairly citrusy and a bit astringent.  It's pretty straightforward- if you poured a good tripel and a good Califonia IPA in the same glass (or even better, in a quart jar), this is what you'd smell.

It's damn good flavor-wise.  Hop bitterness provides the first shot, with a yeasty slap right behind it, a delicious jab-hook combo.  There's a lot of fruitiness along for the ride, some citrus from the IPA side and something that at least fools me into thinking it's strawberry from the tripel side.  Last up is an amazingly clean finish that allows you to keep gulping it down even though it's 10% (there's no booziness at all)- as does the super light body.  It's a touch metallic as it warms, but at that point your palate's probably behind the 8-ball and it doesn't matter any more. 

To me, this is a pretty ideal blend of the tripel and IPA styles.  A lot of breweries try Belgian IPAs only to fumble around and fuck them up.  Not these folks.  This is flavorful and drunk-making without being filling.  I'd drink it again in a heartbeat.

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