Sunday, April 14, 2013

Lost Abbey BDS Avant Garde

Type: Beire De Garde (Beer for Keeping)
Origin: San Marcos, CA
Price: 9.99
ABV: 6.5%
NSP: 4.06

First off yes that is a red solo cup. I know classy right? Please insert your you suck comments below or go to to see the review in a proper glass. Hopefully no one gives a shit, even though it may of tasted worse in this cup it wasn't that great anyways. Also, I have had this beer in a proper glass plenty of times. I was forced to do this because I was camping at San Elijo in Encinitas and this was in the cooler. Yes forced.

One thing interesting I noticed on this bottle is the bottled date of 09/14/12. Maybe because they want you to age this or maybe due to freshness. After noticing a huge difference in taste of beers from our IPA tourney this is definitely a good thing. Especially to be able to tell which beer store sells the freshest and which sells the oldest. I would say from Chris's recommendation Bine and Vine and Bottlecraft are the freshest, while places like Pacific and other mom and pops liquor stores are the oldest.

Okay about the Beer. Nice copper golden color that really shines in the red solo cup and lots of head because I poured it in the dark while drunk. Goes well with El Indio chips apparently and likely brats (other plastic bag). Taste full of apples, peaches, biscuit, and fresh bread. Tasted more like a lager then a pale ale to me. Again not too impressed by this one even though I did enjoy it again it was too expensive. I did however notice last time I was at whole foods they dropped the price on the lower alcohol content Lost Abbey beers to $8.49. Maybe they are listening to us, ya right.

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