Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Lost Abbey BDS Devotion Ale

The Lost Abbey Devotion BDS

Type: Belgian Pale Ale
Origin: San Marcos, CA
Price: 9.99
ABV: 6.5%
NSP: 4.06

Since this is a "Balls Deep Series" I was going to provide you with some history of how Lost Abbey started, however their site is down and has been for a while (way to go). Off the top of my head Lost Abbey was started by the guys at Pizza Port at the old Stone brewing location in San Marcos after their massive expansion. The brewery itself is one of the best in San Diego because it has Pizza Port and Lost Abbey beers on tap, along with 800 or so bourbon barrels, aging future tasty beers for our enjoyment. Another great thing about the Brewery itself is the beers are priced around $4-6 and tastings range from $1-2. 

Now the Bad, their beer is too expensive, $10 for a 6% beer, come on. Their NSP ratings are going to be terrible, likely why we have only reviewed a few. At $10 for every non-seasonal beer at Lost Abbey and even more for their seasonal beers (found one 12 oz for $14) it gets rather expensive. Really the best way to enjoy these beers would be at a bar or at their brewery. 

I will be reviewing all these beers from low to high alcohol percentage non-seasonal first, followed by whatever seasonal ones I can get my hands on. Likely the seasonal beers will be in small tastings at the brewery otherwise I will go broke. 

The first beer I reviewed was Lost Abbey Devotion. Samer reviewed Lost Abbey Devotion several years ago and I too upon first sip was shocked at the "Kaplow" as Samer would say with this low percentage alcohol beer.  The beer has a strong floral and pilsner like bite, but really just not to exciting, in fact it's pretty boring.  For $10 there are better beers I could get similar to this style. 0 for 1 Lost Abbey.

I think they used devotion for this beerfest...bad idea 

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