Thursday, May 23, 2013

BD in a Flying Dog: the brewery

I was on the east coast--Maryland to be specific--looking forward to a jaunt over to Flying Dog's brewery to top off my BD series.  What better than to try some specialty brews fresh from the source? I naively thought.

Well, it turns out Maryland has ass-backwards brewery/tasting/alcohol/whatever laws** that prevent people from drinking beer at a brewery.  The breweries in the area have found ways around it: brewpubs (e.g. Heavy Seas in Baltimore), or on tours.  But, it turns out the brewpubs are crowded as shit, and expensive; and there are only two tours a day booked for multiple months in advance.  What a crockpot fulla shit.

In short, no brewery trip.  Sorry, but these are the breaks.

Kurtis Blow says: Read the fine print before you travel across the country!
These laws are likely in place so that distribution monopolies control the flow of beer, and the macro-breweries can retain market share.  We have it too good in San Diego, but one day the people will rise up: Yes, we can... taste beers at a brewery.   Further, Stone Brewing Co is absolutely to be credited for creating an incredible mechanism (their own distribution network) so that smaller breweries can distribute outside these networks!

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