Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Foothills Hoppyum IPA

type: IPA
origin: Winston-Salem, NC
price: $4/22
ABV: 6.4%
NSP: 10.4

Brats and I were shonkin' around for a few days in North Carolina's capitol city, Raleigh, trying to find the best beers around.  We had found some hits, and very notable misses, but we still weren't sure what was the best.  I was on a reconnaissance mission one day and ended up at Tyler's Tap Room.  After a recommendation for good local IPA, I was drinking Foothills.  And we have a winner!  Their Jade and Seeing Double are thoroughly impressive IPAs, so I immediately stopped at The Bottle Shop, located next door, to see what else existed.  Johnny-the-beer-monger and I got to talking and he recommended this.  He said Foothills salvaged the recipe some ass-clowns [name redacted] who were exploiting the beer scene and a good distribution network.  Foothills, he says, "put some love back into it."  Then he claimed they were making the best beer in NC.  Sold.

This is mostly a classic IPA.  Perhaps this is what I've come to expect out west, but I see no reason to make an east/west coast distinction.  It's just fucking good, OK?  It's got big hop flavors, and a nice level of bitterness to punctuate the dry, medium-to-light body.  Excellent color, and major drinkability.  Nice.  And hell yeah it's cheap!  A win, all around.

It seems there's something good happening in the North Carolina beer scene.  Fortunately, there are at least two great bottle shops in Raleigh, with impressive selections, so get drinkin' Carolina!

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