Thursday, May 2, 2013

Goose Island Bourbon County Stout (2012)

type: bourbon barrel-aged imperial stout
origin: Chicago, IL
price: ?/12oz
ABV: 15%
NSP: ?

Save this... save this for a long time.  It's not really beer so much as a nose clearing liquer that may or may not have originated from beer-making ingredients.  It's big, it's potent, and it's not easy sipping.  It pours like syrup, and definitely looks nothing like this.  Take a waft... it hits you like those fight scenes in the old Batman show.  The flavors are delicious though: bourbon, vanilla, some cereal-like flavors, and then deep dark grain at the end.  I find that combination to be mighty tasty; but, because it's such a 'young' beer, the ABV comes roaring through and weighs you down like a wet blanket.  I could barely get through a third of this.

I would say give this at least two years of downtime before you touch it; although, many more would probably be better.  By then you should be able to finish at least a half-glass of this, and it'll likely be phenomenal.

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