Monday, May 27, 2013

Potosi Snake Hollow

Type: IPA
Price: ?
ABV: 7.0%
NSP: ?

If you couldn't tell, our Wisconsinite houseguests managed to divine that I like IPAs.  Apparently Potosi Brewing Company has been around since 1852.  So they're not really one of those Johnny-come-lately joints that are dropping into the wave of the craft brewing industry.  Judging by their website, they're reveling in their role as the crusty old man who loves telling the young'uns about the good old days.

Thankfully, the beer doesn't smell like a crusty old man.  It actually doesn't smell like much of anything.  That may partially be the glass, but not wholly.  There's a touch of sweetness, and not a whole lot of hop scent.  It's another one of those red apple-y IPAs, and they've avoided a lot of pitfalls- it's not musty, it's not dirty, and it's not overly bitter-smelling.

Even though I could easily be classified as a hop head, I appreciate the restraint they showed with this.  The malt's heavier than most of the San Diego fare, but they didn't automatically respond to escalated malt by just bullheadedly kicking up the hop load.  On the flip side, there isn't much complexity in the hop flavors (maybe a bit of orange here and there), and it's a little dirty and metallic tasting (counter to the nose).  But it's pretty drinkable, the malt's not abusive, and it finishes fairly cleanly.

So, it's pretty much a run-of-the-mill IPA- which means it's a bit lame by San Diego standards.  But it's not shitty.  I don't know that that's a compliment, but at least it's not a slight.

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