Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Sixpoint Resin

Type: Double/Imperial IPA
Origin: Brooklyn, NY
Price: ?
ABV: 9.1%
NSP: ?

Had this one brought to me in a fairly absurd package of beers meticulously Tetrised into two suitcases by some friends from out-of-town, along with a whole slew of Wisconsin beers that you'll be reading about over the next however-long-it-takes (Cheers, Kyle and Sarah!).  Call it a Wisconsin Beer Plow.  Why am I always the one doing Beer Plows?  Bunch of slackers around here.  And by a bunch I mean everyfuckingone but Andy.  But I digress- this one's from Brooklyn, so it's not really part of the Plow anyway.

Brilliant packaging here- even without the oversized Red Bull can, the label would standout on the shelf.  Right when you pour it you can tell it's going to be a meaty bastard, lots of color and a potent hop waft that billows out of the glass.  It's got a apple-y sweet smell that seems common to a lot of the IPAs I'm having lately, and it actually manages to Rock-'Em-Sock'-Em the 103 IBUs without getting its head popped off.  In the back, there's a touch of astringency, but that's not really unexpected given the ABV.

It the word chewy can be applied to a beverage, it'd be perfect for this beer, because it's the beer version of gnawing on a deep-fried turkey leg.  Just a powerful, thick, syrupy beer- but thankfully hop syrup, not that over-the-top sweet malt syrup common to a lot of (shitty) DIPAs.  These guys have nicely sidestepped the sweetness (despite the apple-y smell) and put together a pretty dry beer that lets the hops go on a rampage.  But unfortunately, the rampage isn't particularly complex- it's mainly just bitter.

This is an interesting beer because it seems to tread the line between West Coast and English IPAs (though Andy might say piss on that distinction)- it's malted West Coastily (nice and dry), but hopped Englishly (heavy and bitter).  Wouldn't stand much of a chance in a heavyweight DIPA blind tasting, but nonetheless worth a quaff.  Between Sixpoint and Brooklyn, there seems to be some pretty good local shit for the residents of NYC's largest borough to work on.

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  1. You will now be known as Mr. Plow.