Monday, June 10, 2013

Brasserie Dupont Posca Rustica

Type: Belgian Ale/Gruit
Origin: Tourpes, Belgium
Price: $12.49/750mL
ABV: 7.0%
NSP: 4.20
website (no specific Posca Rustica site)

Back to the BDS, and thus once again a full 750 poured in the gigantic Karmeliet tulip. This one's a bit of a departure from the other Duponts, in that it's "hopped" with herbs and spices rather than hops, making it a gruit rather than a regular beer.  The bottle doesn't tell me what type of herbs and spices are in here, but I'm hoping it's not some weird combination like dill and cumin.

It smells pretty pilsnery, nice and green, which makes me think Dupont's selection of herbs and spices was intended to be vaguely reminiscent of regular hopping.  I hope it doesn't hold too true to straight hopping, though, because what would be the point of that?  Anyway, it doesn't smell quite as yeasty as the other Duponts, but that's probably my own fault- one pitfall of brimming the glass is that you can't really get your nose in there unless you have some sort of amphibious abilities.

The flavor's less pilsnery than the smell, but it's still kind of in that direction.  But then that beautiful Dupont yeast strolls in and reminds you what you're drinking.  It's incredibly light-bodied with a high carb level (more pilsnery accents).  The herb/spice quality is pretty remarkable (and shows up in the nose much more potently once the glass is more properly leveled).  I still can't really tell what herbs and spices are in there (I'm going to guess at least coriander, because I think I taste it and it's a frequent Belgian adjunct), but they definitely bring a unique flavor to the party.  The malt is just sort of...there (in a good way), and the yeast flavors are as delicious as they usually are and complement well whatever the spices are.  And damn, this is 8%?  

Well, if I was going to try a gruit, this was an ideal way to start, because the level of Dupont's craft is such that there's nothing out of place about the herbs and spices.  It feels like something very natural, even though for me it's new.  It doesn't quite get to the level of Biere de Miel or Foret, and it's not something that I'd drink everyday, but it's unique and well-made so it was definitely worth the time/money/calories/belches.

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