Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Furthermore Fatty Boombalatty

Type: Belgian Ale
Origin: Milwaukee, WI
Price: ?
ABV: 7.2%
NSP: ?

Starting to wind down the Wisconsin Beer Plow, here with the only non-IPA in the bunch.  The name of this beer's a little ridiculous, but I like do the name of the beer company (not specifically the brewery, but the company- this is made at Milwaukee Brewing Company, but by Furthermore Beer...details that are sort of irrelevant).

Dig the nose on this one a lot, just a whole shitload of Belgian yeasty goodness.  Super bready with a mess of I guess I might as well just say banana bread, shan't I?  Some nice spices in there (which also fits in with the banana bread theme) too.  The low-ish booze prevents any astringency too.  And when you put it all together, this smells like an eminently shonkable beer.

Yup, pretty tasty.  Just hits the Belgian style right on the nose.  The yeast flavors aren't as complex as, say, Unibroue or Dupont, but then, I don't know how many breweries in the States have pulled that off.  But it's got pretty much everything you'd need in a Belgian ale- which is to say it tastes exactly down the path to which the nose directed you, i.e. banana bread.  The carb's pretty poppy, which keeps the body light...not that it ever threatened to get heavy.

This beer shows that these guys have a great appreciation for the hallmark Belgian ale style, because they've let the yeast do all of the talking, and it's got some interesting things to say.  It's the sort of beer that makes me curious about the rest of their portfolio, which is exactly what I'm after in my Beer Plows- something that'll make me track them down in the future.  Cheers, Furthermore, and furthermore, cheers.

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