Thursday, June 6, 2013

Maui/Dogfish Head Liquid Breadfruit

type: imperial golden ale
origin: Maui, HI
price: $2.80/12oz
ABV: 8.2%
NSP: 10.4

Breadfruit is a Hawaiian staple crop, but I can't say I know what it looks or tastes like.  And, no, looking at a picture on Wikipedia doesn't count.  Still, after drinking this, I have no idea what the fruit is supposed to taste like.  There are aromas reminiscent of papaya and passion fruit, but it's pretty hard to tell where the breadfruit comes in.  Even though the brew is light bodied and decently hoppy and bitter, it's got quite a high ABV that remains essentially absent.  That's probably Dogfish Head talking right there: massive beers with big flavors.

I like this mostly because it demonstrates each brewers' strengths but in a balanced way.  Maui makes beers that you just want to guzzle on a sandy beach (e.g. Mana Wheat), and Dogfish comes up with big bold flavors with borderline dangerous alcohol percentages (e.g. Midas Touch).

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