Monday, June 3, 2013

New Glarus IIPA

Type: Imperial IPA
Origin: New Glarus, WI
Price: ?
ABV: 9.75%

Now we come to Wisconsin's most well-known brewery outside of Miller.  Or at least what I think is the most well-known brewery, I don't know how Wisconsinites would feel about that statement.  This is part of New Glarus' Thumbprint Series (hence the whorls in the outline of Wisconsin on the label) and is apparently a very limited edition.  I notice that the head brewer's name is Daniel Carey.  Is this what he does when he's on hiatus from drumming for Tool?  What a Renaissance man.  Also, the foil wrapper allows you to give the bottle a nice mullet, so +1 for that.

Anyway, this is skunky as hell (hop-wise, not freshness-wise).  Right when I poured it, it was like I'd had a bunch of scallions shoved up my nose.  That actually makes me a bit worried, because it makes me think that it's got lots of Summit hops in it, and those are also used quite heavily in Gubna, which is the worst beer I've had as a Non-Snobber (that might be a bit of hyperbole, but it's fucking awful nonetheless).  But after the rather limp Really Cool Waterslides, I'm ready for something that'll be a bit more Hulkamanic.

When I first take a gulp, I like it.  Lots of green hoppiness, good bitterness level for an IIPA, reasonable malt heft without too much sweetness (though it is a touch on the syrupy side).  I'm looking at some of the BA reviews, though, because I'm wondering if I'm missing something.  A lot of those SOBs seem to be finding a lot of tropical fruit and citrus, and I'm not getting any of that.   I keep getting oniony/garlicky flavors.  And as it warms, when I inhale deeply, I get something like raw green garlic soaked in grain alcohol.  That's more specific than I'd usually be in these reviews, but when something specific comes to mind I try to note it.  Back to the point- it's not nearly as oppressive as Gubna, and as it rapidly destroyed my palate I didn't find anything too objectionable (I thought I may have noticed a bit of Samer's favorite diacetyl-produced butteriness initially, but I stopped caring after a couple of minutes).  But I didn't find it to be very complex either.  Sort of like munching on a hop berry and feeling a bit buzzed afterwards.  Or doing a shot of Everclear chased with a mouthful of green garlic, if that's more your fancy.

To summarize- onion/garlic and booze.  Two things I love dearly, but put 'em together in a beverage and I'm not overly keen.  Still, though, I didn't at all mind drinking this.  So I don't know what to make of it.  Definitely an outlier, though, especially here in San Diego.  And as Daniel Tosh says, for that we thank you.

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  1. Pretty sure this guy...
    ...isn't the drummer for Tool.