Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Ska Mexican Logger

type: lager
origin: Durango, CO
price: $2/12oz
ABV: 4.2%
NSP: 7.5

Do you know what Tecate tastes like?  Well then you know what this tastes like.  This actually has bit more depth (not saying much) and doesn't taste like you're going to have a shitty night and an even shittier morning... more like a Pacifico I guess.  Honestly, this is right up my alley: a "shitty" beer, made well by a reputable craft brewery.  It's an absolutely perfect beer for the beach in the summer, and I grew up drinking the hell out of Mexican beers, but the NSP is so unbelievably low for the style--considering a 30-pack of Tecate hovers around 25 NSP--that I'll probably never buy it again.  So, unfortunately, let's move along...

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