Thursday, July 18, 2013

Foothills Seeing Double IPA

type: double IPA
origin: Winston-Salem, NC
price: $7/22oz
ABV: 9.5%
NSP: 8.8

'Big, yet restrained' seems to be modus operandi of Foothills Brewing Co., out of North Carolina.  This is their double IPA, and it's fairly malty but very hoppy, wherein the hopping is mostly for bittering purposes (similar to Rampage,  for example).  Towards the end of the taste you get standard hop-cone/piney flavors.  There is some citrusy type hop flavors going on too, but I also taste something that reminds me of pith.  (Trust me on the pith thing: we tried to make a cider--the wrong way--and it ended up tasting like, well, pith.)
It's also 126 IBU so it'll have the same wreckness on your palate as Palate Wrecker would, given a chance to wreck.

Overall, this is a well made, traditional American DIPA (screw East vs West beef).  I find this quite easy to consume, though I wish the bottle price was a tad bit lower.  I am, again, impressed with Foothills.

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