Friday, July 5, 2013

HaDubim HaDoctor Pale Ale

Type: Pale ale
Origin: Even Yehuda, Israel
ABV: 4.8%
Price: ?
NSP: ?

website (can't find a beer-specific site, apparently it's a special edition)

The next beer up in the Israel mega-recon by Jesslyn & Ronen.  Apparently this one's a tribute to some dude (a doctor of some sort) who introduced the brewers at HaDubim (which apparently translates to Bears...Jay Cutler sucks) to beer-making.

It's cloudy and silty as hell...I guess the filtering didn't go too well, or wasn't tried at all.  But it smells exactly like a pale ale should- a bit malty, with a nice bitterness.  There's also a good amount of citrus, which shows that these guys have a decent handle on pale ale craft.

This is amazingly clean and light.  There's a moderate level of bitterness, but it fades off of your tongue quickly, leaving some nice honey and citrus on the finisk.  The carb's nice and poppy without being belch-inducing.  There aren't a lot of advanced complex flavors, but it's very well-crafted, nicely balanced and easy-drinkin'.  It'd be a hell of a session pale...if only it were possible to get more in San Diego.

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