Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pavo Tripel

Type: Tripel
Origin: Zichron Ya'akov, Israel
ABV: 9.0%
Price: ?
NSP: ?

Apparently Pavo caters to English-speakers, because this is the first beer of the mega-recon that has a label I can read, and the brewery website's entirely in English.  The label says that this is a merger of Belgian and American styles.  I don't know what that means...if an American tripel style even exists, it's certainly fashioned after the Belgian style.  Whatever.

The color's not like any tripel I've ever seen.  Well, maybe Iron Fist's Uprising, but that was an anomaly too.  It looks like iced tea or diluted maple syrup.  And there's no head- where's that marshmallowy Belgian foam?

It smells like a strong ale more than anything.  Raisiny, maply, dark-fruity, and sweet.  There isn't much Belgian yeastiness to speak of, which is disappointing because when I'm drinking a tripel, that's what I'm after.

It tastes kind of weird.  Pretty specific, I know.  There's just a whole lot of sweetness initially.  The bitterness is at a higher level than most tripels I've had, probably due at least in part to the lack of yeastiness to balance the hops out.  And unfortunately, in a beer of this type, a lack of yeastiness translates to a lack of complexity.  The carb level is dangerously low as well- so it ends up tasting like bitter diluted malt extract.  Somehow, even with all of the sweetness and absence of much of anything to hide it, they've suppressed the alcohol astringency, which is sort of impressive.  But that doesn't keep it from being boring and one-note, or just not very good.

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