Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Brendan's SIP: Elysian Avatar Jasmine IPA

Type: IPA
Origin: Seattle, Washington
Price: $4.49 per 22 oz
ABV: 6.3%
NSP: 9.12

Third IPA into the plow, and quite a miss this one is. Ann says this smells like goose poop and swamp water. I guess my nose isn't that refined, but it doesn't smell great to me. The taste on this is almost sickening, with way too much jasmine tea flavor completely drowning out any positive aspects. It is actually giving me a stomach ache, which makes drinking a full 22 a daunting task (but since this is nonsnobbeer, I will shonk the hell out of this and move onto something I know is good). I really was expecting much better from Elysian since their blood orange pale ale (Superfuzz) is quite an enjoyable brew.

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