Thursday, August 1, 2013

Brendan's SIP: Schooner Exact Three Grid IPA

Type: IPA
Origin: Seattle, Washington
Price: $3.99 per 22 oz
ABV: 6.7%
NSP: 10.91

The Mrs. and I just went to try and conjure up some Mikkeller for my first Balls Deep Series, but I was informed that they do not distribute to Washington at all. So after getting over my disappointment, I decided to start a new series: find a reputable IPA from Seattle. I will label it the "Seattle IPA Plow, or SIP". So 6 bottles later, here I am having my first Schooner Exact brew.

Schooner Exact is one of the larger Seattle breweries, along with Fremont, Hales, and Elysian, so I am quite excited to try some stuff from them. My first impression of this is actually quite positive. Some nice citrus hop aromas popped right out of the glass, so I definitely got excited. On the taste, some of that citrus hop flavor is evident, but it is edged out a little bit in the malts, but not by much. The finish is thin and dry, which is appreciated over an overly malty, sugary finish. I think this beer has definite potential, and if they dry hopped the hell out of it with the same recipe, it would be phenomenal. I do want to try the rest of their offerings since this is the best IPA I have had so far from Seattle (out of like 10 completely underwhelming beers).

I should note that the description on the website is essentially the same as what I described: "A northwest-style IPA uses a blend of hops from Yakima to give it a big, juicy, tropical, citrus flavor. The light caramel and soft bready malts balance but don't interfere with the big hop character. It finishes dry leaving you ready for more".

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