Thursday, August 15, 2013

Brendan's SIP: Silver City Whoop Pass Double IPA

Type: Double IPA
Origin: Bremerton, Washington
Price: $6.49 per 22 oz
ABV: 8.5%
NSP: 8.51

Another DIPA in the IPA plow, and another pretty average beer. Silver City Brewery is located just on the other side of Puget Sound from Seattle, so I guess it technically qualifies as a Seattle brewery. This beer starts out quite promising with quite a pungent bouquet of hop aromas and a nice booze kick. The taste is actually quite sweet, but not overly malty as you would expect. Its almost as if they use candy sugar but don't ferment it all. There are some nice grapefruit flavors coming from the hops, and that should be expected since they claim to use 50 lbs of Cascade and Columbus hops per each 15 barrel batch. This beer has some serious potential, and I think if they are able to reduce the sweetness and up the ABV into the 9.5 range, it would be top notch. I would definitely drink this again if offered, but it isn't in the "outstanding" category.

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