Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Epic Bog

Type: Mushroom flavored malt beverage
Origin: Seattle, Washington
Price: ? - I think around $7
ABV: 7%

I brought this back to San Diego in April and I had to share this with the guys (actually just Chris and Andy). I popped this open at a party at my place, and boy I remember what this tastes like 2 months after the tasting. We did jot down some notes, so here is the unedited transcription:

My notes:
Tastes like Kalamata olives mixed with Imperial Stout. Very salty, soy sauce action going on here. This shouldn't be good, but surprisingly good.  Makes no sense.

I think Chris' notes, but could be Andy:

Porter, technically, but the ingredients make it much more enjoyable. Towards the end  (aka warmer) I get the smoked (rauch) malt, which reminds you its just beer and not some magical brew.

Truffle this bitch up!

So yeah, if you like olives and Imperial Stouts and you want to cut out the middle man, opt for one of these.

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