Monday, August 5, 2013

Rogue Double Dead Guy

Type: strong ale (or strong maibock)
Origin: Newport, Oregon
Price: ?
ABV: 9%

I have a confession to make: I have never purchased a bottle of Rogue beer ever. The NSPs are generally too low given other comparable beers. My streak is still alive however because I got this as a going away gift. I have another confession: I haven't even had Dead Guy, their flagship beer, on tap. The only beer from Rogue I know I have consumed is the Chocolate Stout at the Rogue alehouse in San Francisco. I guess part of my reluctance to not trying Rogue beers is Andy's extreme aversion to Dead Guy. Since I didn't buy this and have no idea what it costs, I can do a completely unbiased review.

On the pour, this seems like a pretty reasonable brew. It pours a slightly less Boone's Farmish red with a good finger head. On my first taste, I have a tough time getting inspiration, positive or negative. It does have some nice smooth caramel malts and nothing too roasty. I guess the only word to describe it is smooth. The 9% doesn't really show at all and there is a velvety texture. It is not too terribly sweet for this category (it could taste like candy sugar like some other maibock/doppelbocks). Really, the slightly sweet caramel is the only major characteristic popping through. No appreciable hop character either, even though its 60 IBUs. I will probably never get this again since there are just too many better beers and I would prefer a ton more hops.

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