Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Wild Onion Hop Slayer

type: double IPA
origin: Lake Barrington, IL
price: $7/12oz
ABV: 8 %
NSP: 4.1

Firstly, just look at that shit.  By all standards that is one disgusting looking beer.  It might not even pass for an Arnold Palmer (lemonade + iced tea), either.  In case you were curious, that look does translate directly into taste.  It smells very malty and feels a bit like silt which for me is a deadly combination.  There's a sufficient level of bitterness, although bitterness for bitterness' sake is no way to craft DIPAs.

Props for a sweet-ass can though:  A skeleton man driving a '57 Chevy with phrases like '420' and 'viva la lupulo'.  Classy stuff right there.

One the whole I'd say walk right past this.  No, it's not the worst thing ever made, but it has some major issues.  There are some interesting peppercorn and spicy notes at the end; but, it's one of those beers you can't wait to finish so you can try something better.  And call me superficial, but having 'onion' in the name is a major turnoff too.

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