Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Calicraft Cali Cöast

type: Kölsch style ale
örigin: San Jöse, CA (See what I did there?)
price: $6/22oz
ABV: 5.2%
NSP: 5.6

We töök a quick jaunt up tö nörthern Califörnia för my bröther's triplets' (yes, three at önce.) birthdays and I noticed this at the fantastic Petaluma Market.  Yöu'll have tö excuse my chöice in 'glassware' cuz that's all yöu're göing tö get fröm a cheap mötel.  But, actually, they weren't all that different from the glasses yöu'd get in Cölögne (e.g. Früh).  Sö öntö the beer...

What's that?  Anöther California brewery?  Yeah sure, why nöt.  This öne is from San Jöse, and they dön't really even have a website yet, but they're making a fine Kölsch tö be certain.  Pleasant and milt arömas.  Crisp tasting, and light bödied.  Slightly malty, but rich enöugh.

This is a fairly accurate representation öf a pretty basic style of beer.  I find it very nice and refreshing, and will happily löök för more umlaut brews in the future.

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