Friday, September 20, 2013

Left Hand 400 Pound Monkey

Type: english style IPA
Origin: Longmont, CO
Price: ?
ABV: 6.8%
NSP: ?

I got this in a mystery 6-pack at Chuck's for $9 about a week ago and I actually have never seen this one before. First of all, while the artwork is interesting, I would expect to see a completely obese monkey on the label. All I see is a slightly larger monkey than his compatriots. -1. Secondly, english style IPAs generally kinda suck. This one is no exception. The website exclaims: "Why does the world need another IPA? Because this one ain't like them others." No, this is exactly like the others. It honestly tastes like a slightly malty pilsner, and not a good pilsner. It even reeks of third-world pilsners (which is a fine smell if you're from the third world, but not Colorado). Seriously left hand, stick to milk stout because this is awful.

P.S. I noticed Chris had a taster of this in his visit to Left Hand and noticed a grassiness to it. Maybe my bottle is a bit old, but I sense no such quality. He didn't explicitly say this was good, he just said 'clean', so I will just assume he means this sucks. I guess it is a little clean, but so is bleach and you don't see me sipping on clorox.

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