Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Thomas Creek Up The Creek

Type: "extreme" IPA
Origin: Greenville, SC
Price: ?
ABV: 12.5%
NSP: ?

The Mrs. got me this on a recent trip to the east coast staying in Asheville. I think she bought it due to the high ABV and the regional uniqueness. And its also an "extreme IPA", whatever that may mean.

First impression, this pours dark. Darker than any IPA should be without a color moniker in front of it. And no, extreme is not a color. It pours with almost no head and a burst or caramel aromas waft out and punch you in the face. The taste is actually quite bourboney. The hops are there (the website claims 143 IBUs), but there is so much malt character that it does not seem so extreme. This actually reminds me most of Stone's Double Bastard, although maybe slightly more balanced. The IPA name on this I think is a bit deceiving since its so far beyond an IPA at this point that it really falls into the American Strong Ale category. Still, it is actually pretty easy drinking.

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