Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Knee Deep Batch 138

type: IPA
origin: Lincoln, CA
price: $7/22oz
ABV: 7.5%
NSP: 7.0

Firstly, I have to reprint the description of this from the website:
Knee Deep’s Batch 138 India Pale Ale is brewed with three types of C hops and Simcoe, which gives this West Coast IPA an aroma that resembles a cat that has peed in a pine tree.  Batch 138 finishes dry and crisp and is sure to leave you in hop euphoria.
Looks like somebody's Cheezin' over there at Knee Deep because this is like the King's Daughter's Rawkin' Awesome Tats... if the tats were hops.  It's one of those west coast style IPAs that you know they used an unbelievable amount of hops in because the aromas scream Hoptologist, or even Pure Hoppiness, and the sips follow through with deep hop flavor and bitterness.  Then there's a sweetness from the malt that comes through just enough to say hello, followed by a return of that mouth-puckering bitterness.  Make no mistake: this beer is all about the hops.  Given KD's propensity for Major Hoppage (see what I did there?), this falls right in line with their reputation.  I'll go ahead and highly recommend this to anyone who's obsessed with ultra-hoppy west coast IPA, but if you're looking for complexity you may want to search around in the archives a bit.


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