Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Odell St. Lupulin

type: extra pale ale
origin: Fort Collins, CO
price: ?
ABV: 6.5%
NSP: ?

This is another offering from the Panda Pat Series*.  Let's cut to the punchline: it's fantastic.  This is an amazing beer that strikes a fine balance between flavor and drinkability (No bullshit.).  The hop aromas are incredible, and are clearly from an excellent dry-hopping schedule, and the bitterness is just right.  The rest of the beer is simply top-notch for an extra or American pale ale, and has appropriately high alcohol levels with medium to light body.  Om nom nom nom.

Unfortunately this is only a seasonal offering, so there's no chance it will usurp Pale 31 as my favorite APA, but it's really, really close.  But I'm sure it makes sense when Colorado gets flippin-ass cold: ain't nobody got time for that!

And here's this, because it's amazing:

* Panda Pat is my brother, Pat.  He lives in... wait for it... Boulder, Colorado, and he drinks copious beer (I hear he was scolded recently at the Boulder Beer Co.).

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