Monday, November 4, 2013

Brendan's SIP: Port Townsend Hop Diggidy IPA

Type: IPA
Origin: Port Townsend, Washington
Price: $4.19 per 22 oz
ABV: 5.9%
NSP: 9.2

Port Townsend is another Puget Sound city that I am including in this Seattle IPA plow since I am desperate to add more go-to beers into my repertoire. I picked this one up more as an impulse due to the price and the absurd punnery of 'thar she brews' written on the bottom. As I sit here writing this review, I am more and more confused with why they wrote that on the bottle and what a random hippy lady wearing a crown of hops has to do with the name 'Hop Diggidy'. Fuck it, this is America, so I approve.

As an IPA goes, there is just a little something missing. It has a decent malt/hop ratio (a bit on the malty side, but not absurd), but doesn't include any overpowering citrus or floral hop flavors. It is also quite light, understandable given the 5.9%. As a session beer, this might do, but for a complex interesting beer, look elsewhere.

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