Friday, November 22, 2013

Deschutes The Abyss Release and Vertical Profile 2009-2013

The wife and I skipped work and headed down to Portland to do some tax free shopping and get our hands on an entire case of The Abyss. We got to the Portland brew pub about 40 minutes early and there were already about 10 people in line for the 11 am opening. Upon opening, we were greeted with free tasters of the 2013 Abyss and we were in heaven. Twelve bottles and $204 later, we were seated at a table with our newly purchased love-child. They had a special menu for the day that was heavily influenced by the Abyss. I got a Kobe burger with Abyss sauteed onions and some other Abyssy thing. I could eat that fucking burger everyday for every meal for the rest of my life. I also decided to do the 6-taster vertical profile, which consisted of the 2009-2013 editions and the 2013 edition on nitro. We also got a full goblet of nitro 2013. The taster was $24, but the tasters were full 4 oz pours of all the editions and included a Abyss chocolate truffle (which was fantastic). The goblet of nitro was a reasonable $7. Also, no tax on that. Gotta love living in Washington with no income tax and being able to shop in Oregon with no sales tax. We also picked up something completely obscene at Williams-Sonoma, but I would rather not share that with you (hey, we didn't have a wedding registry, so I guess that counts for something).

Looking like a doofus, but I have a case and you don't

Anyways, onto the vertical profile. I thought this would be a hard task since they were all exceptional, but was surprisingly easy using Chris' greater than/less than approach. It was too hard to pick out minute details when drinking them all next to each other, but the major qualities of the aging popped out nicely. So without further ado, from best to worst: 2010, 2009, 2012, 2013, 2011. The nitro 2013 was between the 2009 and 2012. Heres my notes:

2009: Everything has mellowed, similar to 2010, but lighter
2010: Perfect combo of bourbon/coffee, stronger on the bourbon
2011: The inflection point between coffee dominated and bourbon dominated
2012: More coffee than others
2013: Needs some time. Not as strong on coffee as 2012, but rough around the edges still
2013 Nitro: Everything is better on nitro

So thats all. Come visit me in November 2014 and lets do it again.


  1. Did you finish all those tasters solo? thats.. 32oz of abyss lol..

    1. Nope, with the wife. I probably could have though