Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Firestone Union Jack

type: IPA
origin: Paso Robles, CA
price: $12/6-pack
ABV: 7.5%
NSP: 13.3

I get a warm feeling every time I see this in the store.  Perhaps it's the bright red colors on the label, beckoning you to be fearful of what's inside like a Coral snake; more likely, though, those warm feelings inside stem from consuming copious amounts of an incredibly well-crafted IPA.  It's double dry-hopped (properly) and sits at a hefty 7.5%, which means it'll hit you right in the feel-goods.  Every time.

Did you even look at the website bro?  If not, take a look at all the damn awards this beer has.  More importantly, this is produced in great volumes (you can find it damn near everywhere), and the NSPs are always very high: I have a hard time buying any other IPA when this is on the shelf.

Even under intense competition this beer did very well in our epic Cali IPA tournament.  It's not the most complex IPA you'll find, but it's damn near the top among others from California.  And it's always on tap at Shakespeare's, served in proper British pints nonetheless.  Cheers mate!

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