Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Ironfire Synner

type: pale ale
origin: Temecula, CA
price: $5.40/22oz at Bottlecraft
ABV: 5%
NSP: 6.0

Ironfire is a brewery that needs a bit more maturing, it seems.  They are able to produce shockingly good beers (e.g., Nuhell), but in this case I'm not terribly impressed, and even somewhat disappointed.

The base of beer has a lot of potential, but the most disappointing aspect is the aroma.  Unfortunately, it's not 'correct', meaning there is an inescapable off-putting character to it that obliterates the pleasure of beer consumption.  I don't think this is the "fruitiness" they claim it should have; rather, I think it's a defect, which may also explain the excessive carbonation.  Of course, all this could be from some shelf-life effect, or poor handling by Bottlecraft (I'd be surprised if it was the latter because then it usually just tastes stale and papery); and so, for those reasons, I remain open to trying this again.

But, in the end, it just seems like this is a beer that's trying to hard to be something it's not.  Surely that sounds vague and rarefied, but we're all about being enigmatic around here... and using big words.  Anyway, there are much better hoppy pale ales around that are easier to find, and have better NSP (Pale 31XPDoggie Style, Mirror Pond(s), Sierra Nevada, ...).

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