Thursday, November 14, 2013

Odell Myrcenary

type: double IPA
origin: Fort Collins, CO
price: ?
ABV: 9.3%
NSP: ?

The American DIPA field is wide, and deep, which means impressive beers of the style can be (1) very hard to find, and (2) very impressive.  This happens to have both traits: we hardly get anything from Odell in San Diego, and it is fantastic.  Flavors created by the hops, and yeast, combine to give subtle--yet complementary--fruitiness, and an incredible set of aromas with a nice medium body.  And you can hardly tell it's a whopping 9.3%, which makes this all that much better.  This would be a definite contender in the next installment of the DIPA blind tasting.

In case it was not, let me make my opinion a little more clear...  If this beer is not in your list of 'Top 10 DIPAs' of all time, go ahead and beat yourself over the head with a large mallet, Babyfart McGeezaks.  Or, more succinctly: Wow, just... wow.

Thank you, Odell.  Thank you.  And thanks again to you too, Panda Pat.


  1. This beer made me draw an obscene picture in Microsoft paint.

    1. Send it over, and I'll happily post it. Anonymity guaranteed, P-Cakes.