Tuesday, December 10, 2013

BD in a Flying Dog: Woody Creek

type: Belgian-style white ale
origin: Frederick, MD
price: $11/6-pack
ABV: 4.8%
NSP: 9.3

Annnd we're back... with another installment of the Flying Dog Ballz Deep series:  I'm happy to say this lives up to my inflated expectations of FD.

It seems to me this sits somewhere in between Avery's White Rascal (we haven't reviewed it, but definitely check out the comments on Chris' Avery post), and Deschutes' Chainbreaker, but with a more subtle set of flavors (not any less complex though).  Wildeman was a resounding success, and with this beer I'm now a firm believer that the FD brewers know exactly how Belgian yeast and additives should be used to create classic spicy-orange-peel flavors.  This is more or less a really easy drinking light-wheat ale with wonderful Belgian-like flavors and and an appropriate level of hops.  It reminds me somewhat of Hoegaarden, which I'd slug back any day.  Another notch in the belt for FD, I suppose.

I think that's Steadman's representation of the Coachella main stage.

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  1. That picture looks like the King Daughter's rockin awesome tots