Friday, January 10, 2014

Accidental Age Series: Great Divide Old Ruffian Barleywine

Type: Barleywine
Origin: Denver, Colorado
ABV: 10.2%

We've all done it. Bought a beer because it looked cool, but never got the motivation to drink. Gets put in the back of the fridge and easier beers whore their way up front in the queue. This one has made the trip between my last three apartments, with a bottled date of October 2010. I actually bought this when I just bought anything and didn't really care for the reputation, so I am pleased to at least see a 94 on BeerAdvocate and 99 on RateBeer. I should also note that this is the first Great Divide beer I have actually drank (I know blasphemy), so lets pop the cherry.

I will start by just saying this does not taste old at all. In fact, it is still quite fucking hoppy. There is also still a little bit of carbonation left, which is impressive for a barleywine. The flavor has a bit of cherry in it, but it is not sickly sweet or very thick. It is somewhat of a chameleon when it comes to hops versus malts; some sips are an ass-blast of hops, others a light roasted malt. Its honestly a very beautiful beer and I am glad that I finally opened it.

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  1. Just had one of these at ~3yrs on Thanks-for-fat-pants-giving. Mighty tasty stuff indeed.