Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Fort George North the Seventh

Type: Barrel aged belgo-DIPA
Origin: Astoria, Oregon
Price: $7.59 per 22 oz
ABV: 9%
NSP: 7.7

I was at Chucks and I realized it had been months since I last had anything with Belgian yeast and I had been craving it ever since I saw this Jean-Claude video. I have also been on a barrel aged kick since its getting cold and rainy out. I saw this and can honestly say is the only barrel aged belgo-DIPA I have ever seen. The only other belgo-DIPA I have had was the belgo-Hoptologist, which I loved since it was able to keep the strong hop characteristics of Hoptologist with the strong overtones of belgian yeast. So basically, for this one, I am expecting Belgo-Hoptologist with some bourbon on top.

This beer is quite a conundrum. The bourbon comes and goes at random. The belgian yeast characteristics are the most obvious quality. The hops are apparent, but are blanketed too much by the belgian side. The balance of these three might come into better focus with some aging. The best quality of this is that it is dry and crisp and not sweet. Also, when you dig deep, you can start to pick out the IPA part of the beer and it is definitely west-coast influenced, which is a huge plus. I give Fort George credit for attempting this beer and actually making a fairly enjoyable and complex beer at a good price. I would definitely like to see a bit more of the barrel pop through and some more citrusy hop varietals.

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